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Brenda's Medical Mission Trip to Africa - Day #2

Brenda's Medical Mission Trip to Africa - Day #2

Another successful day today. We had three providers from the U.S. and one Rwandan nurse, Doreen. We saw 137 people at last count, yesterday it was 143. Most of the cases here are so different than the cases we see in the states. The majority of complaints from children here are: headache, eye pain, skin rashes, stomach pain, fever, tooth pain.

We have seen a few very sick kids. I saw 2 with pneumonia yesterday. And, of the 10 or so cases of suspected malaria that we sent for testing 9 came back positive.

My last patient of the day today was a 5 year old girl with undiagnosed and untreated seizures. There is no access to neurology here, and no CT. Being in this part of the world you have to consider if this is a parasitic infection only diagnosed by a CT, Cysticercosis.

Sometimes, with some of these cases, all you can do is pray. Because, short of a miracle from God, these children will not be able to get the care they need.

I saw 2 children today that I had seen when I was here in June, one with hydrocephalus & paraplegia. Mom is still looking for answers for her son. And there is nothing more we can do. A previous medical team brought her a wheelchair because he is getting too big for her to carry. He is 7 years old.”

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